The Latests on the Scottish Independence Row

cropped-w100-h100Today Danny Alexander and Alex Salmond will set out opposite plans/actions regarding Scottish Independence.


The short version is as follows:


Treasury’s View if Independence is achieved:

  • Each person in Scotland will be better off by £1,400 p/a if they stay within the UK
  • 13% more tax is needed to maintain independent Scotland’s public services; OR
  • 11% cut in public services needed to keep current tax levels in Scotland
  • Finally, £1.5bn-£2.7bn is the estimated cost of restructuring Scotland’s institutions


Scottish Governments View on Independence:

  • Each person in Scotland will be better off a year by £1,000 if they leave the UK
  • Onshore tax receipts will be up £5bn by 2030
  • 14% increase in Oil & Gas production betweeen 2013-2018
  • Tax receipts currently 14% higher in Scotland than the UK


Obviously, there are two very different views on the argument, which will only become more vocal and apparent during the build up to September 18th.


Read more to find out the thoughts on both of these Government officials, and how this will impact the UKs Oil & Gas industry.

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